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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Classic Gotcha - Configuring a Freenas

From the freenas documentation: a zvol|outline

The standard configuration for a iSCSI target for XenServer (I configured one with v6.0) doesn't work - when trying to connect you get an authentication error (the standard one you get if you have missttyped a CHAP password).
This is even if authentication is turned off.
In section  freenas8.2_guide - 8.7 Target Global Settings, the following settings are 'recommended' for Xenserver:

Before modifying any integer values, refer to the iSCSI initiator's documentation. For example, the following modifications are recommended if the iSCSI initiator is running on Xenserver:
  • Max. pre-send R2T: 255
  • MaxOutstandingR2T: 64
  • First burst length: 262,144
  • Max burst length: 2,097,152

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